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  • Los Angles to London

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  • San Jorge Bird Reserve – 2016

    To San Jorge de Milpe & Bird Reserve Condors

  • The Galapagos — 2016

      On our Way, The Equator To the Islands Birds and more.. Iguanas and… Friday the 14th Espanola Floreana Is Isla Santiago Black Turtle San Jorge Bird Reserve  

  • Singapore to London

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  • Sydney to Singapore

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  • LA to SYDNEY

    First Days at SEA Arriving Hawaii BoraBora Moorea Tahiti On the way to New Zealand Auckland Wellington Nz NELSON SYDNEY (1st Time) Phillips Island to Eden

  • World Cruise…Los Angeles to London


  • 2002 – 2016 Logs

      ALASKA 2002 The Nordhavn Voyages, The Intercoastal 2013 MotorCoach 2016 The Galapagos More Stuff

  • Motorcoach Logs

    First Day on the Road Coon Dog Cemetery The Everglades Tucson… Tucson..part 2 Tucson..CHIRICAHUA Appache  Junction San Antonio…Mercedes , TX Matagorda , TX ‘ Quartzite… Gilbert Ray & Quail Ridge Semonole Canyon….Castroville, TX Galveston and Feather Fest Elephant Butte…to ..Fort Stockton San Antonio…Mercedes , TX Motorcoach Coach Country Club Ajo and Yuma  

  • East to West, Panama Canal and the Bahamas

    2004 and 2005 Thru the Canal The Chesapeake The North East 2006 The Bahamas Queen Charlotte Islands

  • Alaska

    Inside Passage to Alaska

  • Galveston and Feather Fest

    April 6th The Galveston bird Festival called Feather Fest starts on Thursday.  Jayne has signed us up for a few of the events, mainly the groups going out to see birds. The first one is with a guy named Greg Miller. He is a famous birder and a movies was made about Him a few…

  • Matagorda , TX

    Broad-tailed grackle in full bloom. Rascal. You should hear them, make very strange sounds. Mercedes, TX.               So long you long legged creatures.         Time to go, heading north today to a spot by the ocean. Going to be a windy drive. Waitin” for the sun…

  • San Antonio…Mercedes , TX

    March 13th We have been driving to San Antonio from Castroville the last few days.  Seems there is a lot to see. We followed the trail of missions today to the Alamo.  Mission San Jose today. San Antonio, TX.What an impressive sight.   This is Mission Conception.     Was admiring all the characters in…

  • Semonole Canyon….Castroville, TX

    It is a short 150 mile drive from Stockton to the Seminole Canyon State Park. Seemed longer, maybe because both of us were tired from yesterdays long windy drive. When we left this morning the Sat TV would not store…got out the emergency instructions and as Jayne read them, I punched the codes in…it worked…was…

  • Elephant Butte…to ..Fort Stockton

    March 1st About 100 north of Las Cruses is Elephant Butte State Park. Up at the North End is a campground that we saw last year when here, a place that has been on Jaynes bucket list. Space 19 at the very end over looking the Rio Grand and Elephant Butte Lake. Its a great…

  • Apache Junction…..Las Cruses

    TIP… can tap on the small photos to enlarge Wed, Feb 22nd We sadly left Motorcoach Resort heading to Apache Junction to have a small air leak looked at.  We stopped at the Sams parking lot and met a guy to weigh all four cornors of the coach.  He had portable weighing equipment.  He provides…

  • Motorcoach Country Club

    Arrived in Indio with no issues.  Great to be in civilazition! This is a first class resort! ….Home for the next few weeks Drove around this afternoon to see what has changed since our last visit 2 years ago.  A few place have gone out of business, a few new buildings, but overall , the…

  • Quartzite…

    Up 95 from Yuma is the famious Qusrtzite.   Out in the desert with 1000s of RV all around on the BLM land. As we got closer to Quartzite we began to see cluters of RVs  We chose to stay at a Park about 13 miles East, Desert Gold. You never know what they are…

  • Ajo and Yuma

    Just got to Ajo late yesterday, out in the boonies, close to the border. What a interesting town, built around mining and now trying to hang on by making it an artist’s center and history of the mine. Some amazing buildings built by the mine company to attract workers, many little bungalows are now for sale,…

  • Gilbert Ray & Quail Ridge

    Dec 29th… We having been wanting to try a little more remote camping. This is a great county park about 15 mile west of Tucson. Close to the Desert Museum. The is only 30A power and no hookups. We filled the water tank and emptied the holding tanks before we came. This is a learning…

  • Tucson..CHIRICAHUA

    Saturday, Dec 17th Ever hear of Chiricahua National Monument. I had not, but Jayne had….We started out just to go to Wilcox to see the area. Stoped at a great barbaQ place for lunch. It was in a old railroad car that had bee added on to. I could tell Jayne did not want to…

  • Tucson..part 2

    Reminder….tap any picture to see it larger Sunday, Dec 4 Went down town where found the old hotel CONGRESS that had a great Restaurant. We were surprised to find in the lobby a 3 piece trio that was GREAT.  There was a bar where they made custom Bloody Marys. You had to fill out this…

  • Tucson…

    We arrived in tucson on Sunday afternoon the 20th…stayed at the La Posada Lodge.  It was an old place but nice. Monday We went to see the Bus and get the new cell antenna installed. Found the bus to be in great shape…I had it waxed and found a few places that needed touch up. They…

  • Galapolas Tortus

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  • Galapolas Photos

    Photo  Gallery..

  • Map of where we went

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  • Condors

    Friday, Oct 29 Up at 05:30 , breakfast at 06:30…headed out at 07:00 for the national park. We passed as huge quarry and followed trucks up the mountain side and finally stopped at a small lodge/restaurant to photograph the largest hummingbird, but also got some shots of the Condor nests way across the valley.  As…

  • San Jorge de Milpe Orchid & Bird Reserve

    Tuesday, Oct 25 Today we had breakfast at 07:00 and left shortly after. We took the same route as yesterday as far as the paved road and then turned left. The route thru the mountains is that dirt road that Yesterday was in the clouds and foggy…..   today the sun was out so we…