Semonole Canyon….Castroville, TX

It is a short 150 mile drive from Stockton to the Seminole Canyon State Park. Seemed longer, maybe because both of us were tired from yesterdays long windy drive.

When we left this morning the Sat TV would not store…got out the emergency instructions and as Jayne read them, I punched the codes in…it worked…was able to store the antenna. My guess we had strong winds and the antenna moved just enough that the controller was not sure where it was.

We have been out of Verizon coverage for a couple hours and there is none here at the park, although AT&T seems to work. Guess this is their part of the world.

We crossed the Pacos River knew that ran thru limestone canyons like those! In fact in this rolling hill country you would not know that a canyon even existed. We got to the park and got our assigned is very nice and secluded. The Coach would not Auto level, but I got it leveled using the manual mode. First time I tried that..

Today we took the canyon tour. Access to the actual canyon is by guided tour. Well worth 0the trip. From up above you can not see the caves where the puictoglifts are. These are huge caves that ?? lived in or used thousands of years ago. There is a trail with lots of steps that lead you down to the canyon floor and then lots of steps back half way up to the caves. Interesting history..

“Took an amazing hike down to Fake Bell Shelter along the Seminole Canyon Rim in Texas to see some ancient rock art. Hard on the knees but well worth it. What an awesome place.”

The Gods would be angry I’m sure if they could see this. Graffiti left by a couple of railroad workers of the Southern Pacific Transcontinental Railroad marking their name alongside the ancient rock art, dating 1884.


This is a good camp site to watch the birds and butterfly’s.

I wonder if anyone even misses us. No cell coverage at all…no internet..but we do have SatTV …but have been to tired to watch it, except the news at dinner.



There is a 2 3/4 mile trail that goes down to the Rio Grand to an overlook across the river (Mexico) to a cave that has a panther painting in it. We rode our bikes down, but the bushes have grown up in front of the cave so that you can not really see anything except the tail. The view is worth the ride in itself.

Today we are to leave for the San Antonio area.  About a 4 hour drive down US 90.  Staying at the Alsatian RV park in Castroville. Kind of upscale with a big golf coarse.  We got a spot overlooking the course.

“We are just outside of San Antonio now in a little town called Castroville. Has a charming historic area that they seem to be taking loving care of. Has Alsatian roots, French, German, you know…lots of saurkraut and pastries.”

The town is kind of nice, old Alseatian. We went to breakfast at Sammys….that was kind of a dump..then we tried the Mex place that was in the recomendations…food was bad…Jayne was ready to leave the area.

We  found a nice cafine shop in an old gas station and next door was the Castroville Cafe…looked nice and was open for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights.  This is Saturday so we tried it..Very Good!

The cafine shop is in an old gas station…

“I think he’s called Cheese Crisp. For real. It’s the town cat. He joined us here for afternoon coffee break and then at nearby cafe for dinner”




“Love, love, love this mailbox. Don’t know why I love rusty old things and add a bird to it..viola”





“Beautiful catholic church here made from their local sandstone. It is the most beautiful and understated church, wow, what a gem.”


“Poppies are everywhere here.                       Old German water storage tank (I think).

This royal “creature” is residing  next to us. He is bigger than the RV the owners are traveling in. We wonder how comfy it is with them all snuggled in there at night. That dog goes everywhere with that owner. I woke yesterday morning to seeing him out in front of us on the golf course, thought it was a wild horse!”





“Some of the streets are curbless and dirt, just the way I like it.”





“The old Inn, been in use since the beginning for travelers heading to San Antonio.”







This is the old folks retirement home in this old historical building on the old square. Lots of chairs for the folks to watch the younger world go by.








Love the shutters, old benches and iron supports for the old wood awnings







“Okay Larry, make up your mind…the loaf will last longer if you go for the left.”



More PHOTOS of Castroville

Monday, March 13

Took a long drive around the hill country today.  Neat little town Bandara a small version of Fredricksburg.