New Adventures

Land adventure, something new.  Left San Juan Island late October for Montana to pick up our new boat, er I mean, motor coach.  Time to see the hard ground of this country.  This blog will serve to keep our experiences and memories for us of our travels. Got some catching up to do as it’s now November 12th and in the last couple weeks took possession of this 37 plus foot of steel on wheels, learned all the mechanisms (still learning by the way) and packed it full of what we thought we’d need for the next several months.  We were in a rush to get her south before the snows and bad weather hit the northern regions.  Luckily, we left Missoula where our dealership was and drove some 350 miles the first day to land our first free night was in Pocatello, Idaho in what they called Cowboy RV resort.  The place resembled nothing like the wild west.  It served merely as a stop over point on a rush to get south.  Next stop was Zion, Utah where we felt a little more comfortable about the weather which was warm and sunny.  We were only two hours plus from Las Vegas so figured we could take a couple days and see Zion.  It would be our first sightseeing excursion on this new adventure.

Next blog will detail a little about this new, what I like to call, “Mother Ship” and all the crazy stuff we’ve been going through.  I thought boating was an adventure, this is proving to be just as challenging.


Zion landscape (1 of 1)