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  • Car Show

    2011 Classic Concourse D’Elegance To view the gallery, click HERE  

  • Around Friday Harbor

      This post will link you to the original post for things around where we live, Friday Harbor.. 2008 events 2009 events 2010 events Posted….

  • Under ARREST

    [redirect url=’’ sec=’.1′] There is no way to say what has happened in 5 words or less….. click here to read the story

  • Delayed

    Well here we sit….waiting..waiting…now they say Feb 24th Ziggy knows how to wait From Yachtpath: Upon arrival at Port Everglades anchorage tomorrow morning the US Coast Guard will perform a level 1 inspection of this vessel. This is a very thorough inspection is due to take the remainder of the day to complete. We are…