Friday the 14th

Sometime around 1 am the engines woke me and we were getting underway.  Lots of rolling it seemed.  This morning we awoke with the boat drifting in front of these big rocks. 
Kicker Rock..( Leon Dormido ). 
This was a snorkeling stop for those who wanted to snorkel thru the big split. The boat made several circles around so Jayne got many photos that I hope end up in a slide show…. No, We did not go snorkeling…..
Just after lunch, we pulled into CRISTÓBAL, a small town of about 3000 and very much a town supported with tourism. We boarded a bus for a ride to the  San Cristobal variety of saddle-backed Giant Tortoises.  
Photo to come….
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Iguanas and Sea Lions

Thursday, Oct 13
We awoke anchored in a cut between two islands close to  South Plaza Island, our first venture for the day..Yes..breakfast at 06:00 and on our way at 06:30
Landing was at some steps onto this small island covered with white rocks…you can guess what the white is..we were greeted by a bunch of Iguanas and Sea Lyons..
We got back to the boat about 11:00 and headed for Santa Fe Island, about a 2 hour cruise. 

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Birds..Birds and more Birds

Wednesday, Oct 12
After motoring most of the night we’d arrived at  Genovesa  small island way North known as the Bird island.  Up at 05:30 breakfast at 06:00 and on our way to the island at 06:30.. it was a wet landing so that means our feet will get wet at least. 
I must say, that after seeing the other cruise boats closer, We are glad we are on this one.  The cabins are clean, nice and the width of the boat, so you get a nice cross breeze….it seems the larger boats are enclosed and air conditioned. Ours has air conditioning also, but this time of year…we do not need it. Also we only have 8 cabins…16 people total. 
The landing was on a sand beach and was uneventful, but the Red-footed Boobies were there to great us.  All kinds of birds that I am sure Jayne will post somehow. 
The late afternoon outing was a dry landing on some steps that lead you up to the top of the plateau….
The steps were carved out of the lava and nowhere even, but we made it….Again the Red-footed Boobies were all over, but the objective was to see, and photograph, the Short-eared Owls who only come out in the evening to feed….
The path up to the Owls..
After dinner, the usual get to gather for a preview of the next day as the boat gets underway.

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To the Galapagos

Tuesday , Oct 11

Up at 03:30 so we can catch the bus to the airport at 04:30.
Lots of paperwork I guess but Kevin, our photo leader, had it all arranged.   After the customs  and paperwork cha-cha we had about 40 minutes to wait until boarding

As we landed in the Galapolas I felt we’re were landing in the Arazona desert. Flat, sand, cactus ….

Again the paperwork cha-cha..only this time $100 each entrance fee.
We loaded on to a bus for the 15 minute drive to the marina and when We arrived there were 3 boats swinging at anchor. One had a slight list to STB ..that was ours..
After were were assigned our cabins and lunch, which was very very good, we motored to an anchorage on Santa Cruz, boarded a bus and headed to a private reserve for the Tortoise. 
Back at the boat in time for dinner at 7 and then a review of tomorrow.

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Right on the Equator…

We arrived late last night ,or should I say thus morning…about 12:30am..right to bed.
Today we took a city tour of Old Quito…really something…
Quito is at about 7500 ft and in a long valley with nothing but windy roads.  Most of shops were closed, it’s Sunday, but still interesting.  The Churches are beyond belief …gold gold gold.
Quito is also right on the Equator..we were driving and I noted we were South…then we came to the big 000 as we headed North..
And YES …the water swirls  clockwise on the South Side….
The place we had lunch solved this girl/boy bathroom problem…
Just as a reminder..if you tap on that WHERE WE ARE button you will get a map showing our tracks…use the adjustment tab to select the time frame and zoom in to see greater detail…
Monday…Oct 10
Well we took our first birding trip East over the mountain , 13,000 ft to a small  lodge to take hummingbird photos.
Jaynes is having fun…not sure about the lady beside her..
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On our Way..

Eleven years ago this month hurricane Wilma ripped thru FL and and KnottyDog I was there.  Here is that story.  
Today, October 7 were are seeing another Hurricane turn up the East coast just as we are heading for the Galapagos. Got an email from the leader hoping those that were making connections thru Miami would make it….were are going via Dallas. 
Jaynes been fussing about Her camera stuff making sure She takes the right stuff..who’s going to carry all that? 
The flight to Seattle was smooth and the Kenmore driver dropped  us at the Hilton were we had a great dinner.  Tomorrow on to Qutio with a plane change in Dallas.  
Had a great dinner at the Hilton
In Dallas
No we did not go to Disney Land

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