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These are short video of various things along the way.
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Poop Deck

A short story of Ziggys first AT SEA "holding it " experience

Victoria Dancing Boats

A short movie showing the dancing ferry boats during the Boat show

Poop  DecK again

Ziggy remembers the mat after 4 years

Everglades City Air Buggy Ride

A ride thru the Everglades January 2009

Ziggy's Love

A story about Ziggy & a Panamian Babe

Manatee Back Scratch

A Manatee get His back scratched in Marathon FL

Walking the Dog

What we have seen in our travels


A short movie aboard UCHUCK on the West Side of Vancouver Island in 2006

The Look Out

Local dog riding tractor


A bag pipe band in Victoria, BC

Fast Boat

cigarette boat flew by

New River

Sitting  along Ft Lauderdale's New River,  Lots of wakes & traffic
 Seiner fishing  BIG boat coming up the river